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Retro-style adventure games from yesteryear

Hugo Trilogy info

The Hugo Trilogy: Classic adventure game

The Hugo Trilogy is the complete set of three Hugo adventures, originally released for DOS on 1/1/1990 and for Windows on 10/9/1995. Unlike the original DOS version text commands, the Windows version features an intuitive point & click mouse interface, toolbar, status bar, MIDI background music and digital sound effects (with a sound card) and complete online help and hints for every puzzle. For those who like the challenge, the original text command interface can still be used in addition to, or instead of the point & click interface. Both DOS and Windows versions included.

Nitemare-3D info

Nitemare-3D: 3D Action adventure game

Nitemare-3D is the award winning first-person perspective action game starring Hugo and Penelope. Originally released as a DOS game on 5/17/1994 is was soon ported to Windows and, when released 12/1/1994, became the first of its genre commercially available for Windows. Suitable for the whole family, this 3D action/adventure is set in a 50's horror movie style and follows your adventures as Hugo, as you attempt to rescue your sweetheart Penelope from the clutches of the evil Dr. Hamerstein. Both DOS and Windows versions included.

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