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Nitemare-3D - Action/Adventure for the Whole Family!

Nitemare-3D for Windows At last, an exciting 3D action game intended for the whole family! You won't find a drop of blood in this game which is set in a 50's horror movie style. But there's more...

As winner of the 1995 Ziff-Davis European Shareware award for Best Game, Nitemare-3D for Windows brings the excitement of first-person perspective action games to Windows for the first time!

You play the part of the hero, Hugo, in search of your sweetheart Penelope who has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Hamerstein and imprisoned in his haunted house guarded by his variously nasty minions. Included are a large number of puzzles, making it more of a 3D adventure than just a simple shoot-em-up. Various cheat modes in the full registered version allow you to emphasize the puzzle-solving or action aspects of the game.

The game contains elements of humor, such as when you come face to face with a seemingly invincible monster reception committee, only to watch them reveal a secret passageway by performing a "Thriller" style moonwalk dance, at your correct bidding of course. Even Count Dracula makes an appearance, transforming into a vampire bat before your very eyes.

There is a constantly updating automatic map generator which is always on screen. Powered by "magic eyes" which you collect during the game, this highly useful map makes navigation a snap and can even tell you if a monster is lurking around the next corner or behind a sliding bookcase in front of you.

Rave Reviews Worldwide... Here are just some of the comments we've had:

"Nitemare-3D is a great 3D shooter, especially for novice gamers"
--- Computer Gaming World Magazine
"Nitemare-3D eschews graphic violence for a more cartoon quality"
--- PC Magazine
"I've played around with Nitemare 3D and it's EXCELLENT!!! Very nicely done."
--- Mike Callahan, aka Doc FileFinder(tm)
"Nitemare-3D bénéficie bien sûr tous les avantages des nouvelles technologies: bonne vitesse d'exécution et fluidité de toutes les scènes...une véritable petite boutique des horreurs!"
--- Home PC Magazine (France)
...and winner of the 1995 Ziff-Davis European Shareware award for best game! (Nitemare-3D for Windows)

Four screenshots from the game:

Four more screenshots from the game:

Purchase and download the Nitemare-3D Trilogy from our online store.

Download: The Nitemare-3D Trilogy download contains both the Windows and original DOS versions of all three episodes including cheat modes, map browser which reveals every secret in the game plus the viewable 30-page hint/answer book in Adobe PDF format.

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System Requirements: Find Nitemare-3D
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